Lodge History

On September 20th 1966 The Rockland Lodge Order of The Sons of Italy was born.

In less than six months it grew into one of the largest and most active organizations in Rockland County.

This was accomplished not by chance but by the work and zeal of dedicated men. Foremost among them was Joseph Colello. Months before the first meeting Joseph Colello was generating enthusiasm talking to interested men and consolidating all the many details necessary for a successful organization. Unselfishly he gave his time and through his efforts Rockland Lodge came into existence. It was no wonder that the members unanimously elected him President of The Lodge.

While one of the purposes of The Rockland Lodge is to enhance the image of people of Italian descent our service is dedicated to the community and all humanity as well.

Members of The Sons of Italy

We became members of the Sons of Italy in America because we all like to volunteer and do things for people from our heart- some in different ways than others- but all with the same goal in mind. We want to preserve our beautiful Italian heritage, culture and traditions

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