Banquet Hall

Our Lodge in Blauvelt offers a beautiful and newly renovated Banquet Hall. Perfect for any occasion.

We’re thrilled to introduce the freshly refurbished Banquet Hall at Sons of Italy, Rockland Lodge 2176. This exciting transformation heralds the start of a new era, distinguished by exclusive catering services from the renowned ‘A World of Foods.’
A World of Foods, a family-owned venture, brings over 40 years of top-tier catering experience to your table. Their exceptional commitment to meeting and exceeding your event expectations is unparalleled. The team’s meticulous attention to even the minutest details and their passion for delivering not just the finest food but also the most professional and courteous service are what make them stand out in the industry.
Are you searching for the perfect venue to host your forthcoming event? The Banquet Hall at Sons of Italy, Rockland Lodge 2176, presents a versatile space that can comfortably host anywhere between 25 to 120 attendees. After its recent refurbishment in 2023, the hall now features modern dining chairs and easy access with new entry steps, setting a contemporary tone for any event.
We invite you to reach out to us to delve into our offerings and discover the range of packages available. We are eager to assist you in planning and executing your event to perfection.
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